Observatorio Europeo de Justicia Juvenil - OEJJ

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Advocacy and Advice Work

 Through its action lines, the European Juvenile Justice Observatory promotes channels of coordinated action between public administrations, non-governmental organisations and academic and training centres throughout the different countries in Europe, carrying out consultation and advice work for public and private organisms and entities that request it.

The European Juvenile Justice Observatory:

- Has at its disposal knowledge on the evolution and application of European legislation regarding juvenile justice.

- Enables the exchange and dissemination of good practices in carrying out measures, based on international minimum standards.

- Adapts the training of different professionals who intervene in this field, in order to meet their demands and needs.

- Facilitates the holding of national and international meetings between experts, researchers and professionals in juvenile justice.




European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO) - 50, Rue Mercelis, 1050 - Brussels - BELGIUM - Phone: 00 32 262 98890 - oejj@oejj.org