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European Year of Volunteering 2011

What is The European Year of Volunteering 2011?

Logo European Year of Volunteering 2011The European Year of Volunteering is intended to show that volunteering is one of the key dimensions of active civic participation and democracy by putting European values such as solidarity and non-discrimination into action and as such contributing to the harmonious development of European societies. The aim of the European Year 2011 is to encourage and support - at EU level, Member State as well as regional and local level – the creation of conditions conducive to volunteering and to improve the visibility of the value and importance of voluntary activities.


Which are the objectives of the EYV Alliance?

Logo EYV Alliance 2011The EYV Alliance is an open, informal group of a growing number of European networks active in volunteering in various fields and that emphasize volunteer work as indispensable to the goal that each institution intends. The Alliance will use EYV 2011 to celebrate and recognize the efforts and contribution of volunteers and volunteering organisations and to empowering, promoting and facilitating new people to volunteer.


Volunteering at the EJJO

Logo OEJJThe essential objective of the European Juvenile Justice Observatory is to act as an observer of the situation of children and young people in social exclusion and in conflict with the law in Europe, setting up a supranational space for the reflection, analysis and elaboration of proposals with the aim of implementing Children Rights in this field.This work is carried out through a network of experts who collaborate as volunteers for the EJJO, which is composed by international collaborators, experts as professionals, students or trainees, and its European think tank. The European Council for Juvenile Justice is composed of volunteers, main European stakeholders from each Member State in this topic through its three sections: NGO Section; Academic Section and Public Administrations Section. Without the work of these volunteers, collaborators and experts the EJJO would not be able to develop its main activities in term of research, information, and advocacy work.


The EJJO and its EYV purposes

PhotoIn this framework, and according to the proposed project, the Observatory will develop activities for the promotion and implementation of the EYV 2011 and the purposes of the Observatory. In this way, the Observatory will promote coordination and info exchange among the NGOS that take part at the NGO Section – of the European Council for Juvenile Justice.

Secondly the EJJO will formulate policy recommendations on the promotion of volunteering on the prevention programmes which effectively take into account the benefits of activities involving the community intervention which include avoiding the leaving school early and truancy, inactivity and the roots of misconducts which could be in conflict with society and criminal law.

And thirdly, the Observatory will promote the work of the NGOs as well as their recommendations within a European dimension with the aim of improving the quality, policies and conditions of civil society and volunteering organisations and increasing volunteering opportunities and actions designed for children and young people who are socially excluded situation and at risk.

In the framework of the 2011 European Year of Volunteering and as a member of the EYV 2011 Alliance, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, through its European branch, the European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO), has launched an awareness campaign emphasizing the benefits brought by volunteering to the youth in situation, or at risk, of exclusion.

Keeping the youth out of exclusion - The benefits of volunteering

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