Observatorio Europeo de Justicia Juvenil - OEJJ

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The essential objective of the European Juvenile Justice Observatory is to act as an observer of the juvenile justice situation in Europe, setting up a supranational space for the reflection, analysis and elaboration of proposals centred on juvenile delinquency and the justice systems attempting to deal with it.

This is why we can put forward as main objectives:

1. To encourage the harmonisation of juvenile justice systems in Europe in all converging areas such as: liberty, security, justice, education, social affairs, training and employment.

2. To secure the monitoring of juvenile justice policies that allow effective proposals to be deveoped in the fields of prevention, intervention and integration of minors and young people in conflict with the law.

3. To draw up common minimum guidelines and directions in the European sphere in terms of juvenile delinquency prevention, judicial and extrajudicial measures and social reintegration, as well as to encourage the adoption of minimum standards.

4. To contribute to the exchange of good practices on a European level, based on minors´s and young people’s best interests and the protection of their rights.

5. To develop networking between professionals and institutions (non-governmental organisations, universities, administrations) that are involved in different fields that affect the prevention, intervention and reintegration of minors and young people in conflict with the law.

6. To promote dissemination and knowledge of juvenile justice systems (research, legislation, resources, activity reports, etc.)


European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO) - 50, Rue Mercelis, 1050 - Brussels - BELGIUM - Phone: 00 32 262 98890 - oejj@oejj.org