Observatorio Europeo de Justicia Juvenil - OEJJ

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Proposals and Recommendations

The European Juvenile Justice Observatory works as a transmitter of the action lines developed in different countries around Europe regarding:

- Promotional actions and programmes on the rights of children and adolescents according to international regulations.

- Social, emplyment, educational and criminal policies developed in different countries within the area which can affect children, adolescents and young people in conflict with the law.

- Policies on equal opportunities and, especially, on the socio-professional reintegration of minors subject to criminal measures.

- Studies and research on the subject.

It also offers the conclusions of the said reports and opinions to competent bodies in the field of juvenile justice within the European Union, or in related fields.

European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO) - 50, Rue Mercelis, 1050 - Brussels - BELGIUM - Phone: 00 32 262 98890 - oejj@oejj.org